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AIX 5L Advanced System Administration, Part II - Problem Determination

Course Code : SA16c
Course Duration : 3 Days – Hands on
Course Fee : PKR90,000
Operating System : AIX 5L Version 5.3
Course Location : Karachi
Course Starting Date : To Be Assigned

his course will enable participants to enhance their system administration skills to maximize the availability of IBM System p hardware, determine the causes and solutions associated with system problems, create a secure system and perform advanced tasks not available through SMIT.

This course is targeted for system administrators with at least three months experience in AIX and with other relevant education. 

Participants should be familiar with various system administration tasks. They should be able to use the basic tools and commands available to help with system administration such as, SMIT, grep, find, mail, and chmod. Participants must be able to perform basic file manipulation and file system navigation. They must be able to define basic file system and LVM terminology and carry out basic system installation activities including the setup of printers, disks, terminals, users and software. Finally, participants must be able to manage AIX processes. This knowledge can be gained by attending IBM AU13 and Au14 (AIX System Administration I : Implementation) courses. 

On successful completion of this course, students should be able to:

  • Perform problem determination and analyze the problem by performing the relevant steps, such as running diagnostics, analyzing the error logs and carrying out dumps on the system.
Course Outline: 
On successful completion of this course, students should be able to
The ODM   System Initialization
  • ODM Components and Commands 
  • Changing Attribute Values 
  • Data Managed by the ODM  ]
  • Data not Managed by the ODM 
  • ODM Database Files 
  • ODM Repositories 
  • Software Vital Product Data 
  • Predefined Devices 
  • Predefined Attributes, Customized Devices, Customized Attributes 
  • ODM Class Integration 
  • How does an AIX system boot? 
  • Loading of the Boot Image 
  • Boot Logical Volume (hd5) 
  • How to fix a corrupted BLV 
  • Working with bootlists 
  • Service Processor and Boot failures 
  • TTY Remote Reboot 
  • Accessing a System that will not boot 
  • Booting and Working in Maintenance Mode 
  • Boot Problem References 
  • Flashing 888 
  • Getting Firmware updates from the Internet 
  • The rc.boot File 
  • Configuration Manager 
  • Config Rules Object Class 
  • Output of cfgmgr in the boot alog 
  • The /etc/inittab File 
Disk Management Theory   System Storage Overview
  • LVM Terms 
  • Volume Group Limits 
  • Mirroring Striping 
  • Mirroring and Striping with RAID 
  • Basic LVM Tasks 
  • LVM Data Representation 
  • LVM Data on Disk Control Blocks 
  • LVM O/S Data 
  • Contents of the VGDA 
  • The Logical Volume Control Block (LVCB) 
  • LVM interaction with the ODM and VGDA 
  • ODM entries for PVs, VGs and LVs 
  • ODM-related LVM Problems 
  • Fixing ODM problems 
  • Mirroring 
  • Stale Partitions 
  • Mirrored LVs 
  • Mirror Write Consistency 
  • Mirroring rootvg 
  • VGDA Count  and Quorum 
  • Components of AIX Storage 
  • Benefits of the Logical Volume Manager (LVM) 
  • Volume Groups 
  • Physical Storage and Logical Storage 
  • File Systems 
  • Standard File Systems in AIX 
  • The /etc/filesystems File 
  • Mounting a Filesystem 
  • Listing File Systems and Listing Logical Volumes
Diagnostics   Disk Management Procedures
  • Diagnostics Overview 
      • The diag Command 
      • Working with diag 
      • Diagnostic Modes 
      • diag: using task selection 
      • diag Support 
      • Using SMS for Diagnostics 
      • The AIX Dump Facility
      • How to invoke a System Dump 
      • When a Dump occurs 
      • The sysdumpdev Command 
      • Methods of Starting a Dump 
      • Start a Dump from a TTY 
      • Generating Dumps with SMIT 
      • Dump related LED codes 
      • Copying a System Dump 
      • Crash Reboot 
      • Sending a Dump to IBM 
      • Use crash to Analyse a Dump 
  • Disk Replacement Techniques 
  • Replacing a rootvg Disk 
  • Total Disk Failure 
  • Volume Group Failure 
  • Total non-rootvg Failure 
  • Disk Replacement Failures 
  • Importing and Exporting a Volume Group 
  • Import/Export Issues 
  • Saving and Restoring Volume Groups
  • Creating a System Backup (mksysb) 
  • mksysb Tape Images 
  • Verifying the System Backup 
  • The mksysb File 
  • Restoring a mksysb 
  • Cloning Systems using mksysb Tapes 
  • Changing the Partition Size in rootvg 
  • Reducing a Filesystem in rootvg 
  • Alternate Disk Installation using mksysb Disk Install 
  • Removing an Alternate Disk Installation 
  • Saving and Restoring non-rootvg Volume Groups 
  • Error Logging Components 
  • Generating an Error Report 
  • The errpt Command 
  • Types of Disk Errors 
  • LVM Error Log Entries 
  • Maintaining the Error Log
Performance Management    AIX Utilities and Information that one should know
  • System performance 
  • Performance tuning process 
  • System architecture 
  • Components of system performance 
  • Processor performance 
  • Identification of critical resources 
  • Standard UNIX and AIX performance tools 
  • Virtual Memory Manager
  • The iostat, sar, ps, svmon, tprof commands 
  • AIX high level commands 
  • AIX 5.3 and 6.1 New Features 
  • Speaking the IBM Support Center’s Language 
  • AIX Fix Central 
  • AIX Best Practices 
  • Advanced diag tools 
  • AIX tools and Subscription Services
  • Fix Level Recommendation Tool 



Successful up-gradation of RDBMS 10gR2 for Oracle Application 11i & Data Guard implemented with (Real time data replication) on IBM Power Series for NLC.
Si3 Successfully Implemented of AWACS (Survilliance Application) Phase1at SECP.
Our performance speaks for itself: Si3 has won 6 awards from P@SHA since 2004
As part of the restructuring initiative, Adnan Ikram has been appointed as the new Chief Operating Officer
DP World Pakistan extends the Service Level Agreement for Oracle ERP
Full suite of Oracle HRMS implementation at Faysal Bank Limited.
Memova Messaging Deployment at PTCL
IBM AIX training program launched as part of its services initiative
Si3 is implementing Oracle HRMS at NIB Bank.
HP Pakistan awards “Best Performing Managed Partner – TSG” for Southern Region – Year 2008


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