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Information being the most pervasive element across all human actions and interactions, managing information has become one of man’s most difficult endeavors. The diversity of information sources and information use has transformed information from mediocrity of data to a natural utility and necessity.

Businesses across the globe strive to maximize benefit from information stores and storms within their domain and beyond. Despite technology scaling heights with leaps and bounds, something seems to elude the cohesion and consistency required to extract the benefits of information as a utility. Pulling together the diversity of information and complexity of technology into a comprehensive ensemble symbolizes the need for intelligent and innovative drive towards integration of information and technology.

One such entity empowering customers to focus on their core business while helping them comfortably tread the path of cohesion and consistency between information and technology is Si3 (S-Eye-Three!).

Si3 is an institution committed to creating partnerships with customers to deliver process driven and technology integrated solutions. With a commitment to customer success and customer loyalty, Si3 galvanizes resources from skills to infrastructure comprising of in-depth industry knowledge, experience and best practices, enabling customers to focus on their core business while Si3 meets the customers’ information management and technology demands and expectations. Si3 constitutes a hallmark of responsiveness, reliability, resilience, empathy and tangible delivery of services with a commitment of loyalty to customers.




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