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IT Security Services


Intrusion Prevention Solution

With the increased complexity of security threats, achieving efficient network intrusion security is critical to maintaining a high level of protection. Vigilant protection ensures business continuity and minimizes the effects of costly intrusions.

In order to address these threats Intrusion Prevention is now a need similar to having antivirus software to protect against viruses be it desktops, servers or mobile devices. Intrusion detection systems being a reactive technology are considered in segments of networks not critical to business.

A networking architecture paradigm shift is required to defend from fast moving attacks. It is no longer possible to contain intrusions at a few points in the network. Intrusion Prevention is required throughout the entire network to detect and stop an attack at every ingress and egress point in the network. The only scalable and cost effective way to accomplish this is by integrating Intrusion Prevention into the access points of the network.

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is an in-line, deep-packet inspection-based solution that helps mitigate a wide range of network attacks without compromising performance. With the intelligence and performance to accurately identify, classify and stop malicious attacks from damaging traffic in real time, IPS is a core facet of the Self-Defending Network, enabling the network to defend itself. While it is a common practice to defend against head-end attacks by inspecting traffic and installing firewalls, it is also critical to stop malicious traffic close to its entry point by protecting the branch offices. Deploying inline IPS at the branch enables gateways to drop traffic, send an alarm, or reset the connection as needed to stop attacking traffic at the point of origination and quickly remove unwanted traffic from the network.

EDGE Security Solution

Security Appliances offer an unprecedented level of network Protection. A service provider can assist customers secure their edge by implementing a variety of solutions from different vendors.

Information Technology infrastructure interfacing with the Public Internet is the best segment of the network to apply/deploy security. Appliances provide robust, enterprise-class integrated network security services to create a strong multilayered defense for fast-changing network environments. Incorporating the state of-the-art Adaptive Security Algorithm, these systems provide rich stateful inspection firewall services by tracking the state of all authorized network communications and preventing unauthorized network access. As an additional layer of security, these systems integrate over two dozen purpose-built application/protocol inspection engines that perform in-depth Layer 4–7 inspection of network traffic flows for many of today’s popular applications and protocols.

Traffic anomaly detection solutions contribute to the industry's most complete and powerful family of solutions for detecting and defeating today's most complex and sophisticated distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. As a result, business operations of targeted organizations continue running, even while under attack, ensuring critical corporate assets are always protected.

Routers are natural boundaries to networks; their security can be augmented by implementation of Dynamic/Reflexive Access Control Lists. With implementation of Intrusion Detection and TCP Intercept router gains limited capability against attacks. Authentication to the router can be performed either through a local or external database or with 2 factor authentication. Routers in an AS can be protected from IGP table infection by implementation of Reverse Path forwarding.

Secured VPN Services

IP VPNs with quality of service are a good solution for companies that like to integrate voice, video and data on their networks. Si3 can assist customers in deploying IPSec tunnels on their hardware.

Businesses need to have Internet presence to be able to reach other businesses and potential customers globally. Using the Internet as a medium to communicate with branches and customers makes it very cost effective and secure to do business.

IP VPNs (with Quality of Service) are a good solution for companies that want to integrate voice, video and data on their networks. With IP VPNs, one access line connects each site to the network, which routes to all other VPN sites without the need of PVCs, making the Layer 3 service less expensive in many cases.

Site-to-Site VPNs - Confidently and securely extend the reach of your network to branch offices, teleworkers, and business partners with routers, firewalls, or Security Services Modules.

Remote Access VPNs - Allow users to take advantage of the ubiquity of the Internet to connect to the corporate network from anywhere, at any time.

Voice Security - IP Communications securely delivers enterprise-class solutions for IP telephony, unified messaging, IP video- and audio-conferencing, IP video broadcasting, and contact centers.  These IP based Communications can be further secured by encrypting the communication with up to 3DES.

Wireless Security - The Wireless Security extends the same levels of security, scalability, and reliability of the wired network to the wireless deployment, fulfilling the need for a consistent, reliable, and secure mobile networking solution. These IP based communications can be further secured by encrypting the communication with up to 3DES.

Network Monitoring & Security Management

Si3 can assist in implementation of Network Monitoring and Security Management solutions from Enterprise Management products to better manage the IT resources of businesses.

Computing resources in an organization are an asset to drive user productivity. An increase in the number of servers, desktops, portables, routers, switches or VPN Gateways adds to the complexity in management and maintaining a history of their behavior. Si3 can assist in implementation of Network Monitoring and Security Management solutions and Other Enterprise Management products to better manage the IT resources of businesses.

Network Monitoring & Security Management Solutions encompass identity management, intrusion protection, encryption, and perimeter security. The solutions deliver comprehensive coverage across a full range of network and security technologies, including firewalls, virtual private networks (VPN), and intrusion detection systems (IDS) for networks and hosts. The management solutions include a combination of robust tools that help monitor, configure, and troubleshoot security and network devices, while also providing user access and security control.

Solution Management and Monitoring can quickly and efficiently provision and monitor Secure Connectivity solutions.

Enterprise Security Audit

An Enterprise Security Audit entails a review of all the processes and practices followed by an organization while ensuring an enterprise-wide security policy. Additionally, it involves a technical audit conducted across all locations and devices in the enterprise. Based on the spread and criticality of the devices being audited, there is a judicious mix of remote and on-site audits.

For the process and technical audits, interviews and questionnaires have to be filled by people with relevant roles and responsibilities in the organization. The technical audit requires the use of industry-standard as well as custom-developed tools.

An Enterprise Security Audit helps you get the following:

  • Expert risk assessment, conforming to leading international standards, of your company's IT infrastructure.
  • Identification of all the potential threats and vulnerabilities within your company's IT systems, covering policies, processes, networks and applications.
  • A prioritization of the discovered weaknesses, based on associated risk levels and impact.
  • A baseline for developing your organization's information security strategy.
  • Recommendations on security solutions specific to your business needs.

Analysis of threats and vulnerabilities in the network prepares you to develop and fine-tune your security infrastructure. Threats can arise from public and internal sources, or people with knowledge of your network. Only a thorough examination of all possible means of compromise can prepare you to defend your organization against all eventualities.

Organizations increasingly see this activity as an annual check that helps keep their businesses in line with their security posture, and in tune with their future information-security goals. As organizations change on a constant basis, in terms of new technologies being adopted, rollouts of new applications, mergers and acquisitions, the Enterprise Security Audit has become a regular feature in medium-sized and large companies.

Vulnerability Assessment

Si3 vulnerability assessment service helps organizations test their entire IT infrastructure from internal as well as external security threats. It involves both remote and onsite security tests. We check for insecure system configurations, policy non-compliance and missing patches across all network elements and security products installed in your company.
Organizational assessment of their systems help bring efficiency in delivering Security Services. Our assessment criterion is comprehensive, our reports easy to use, our recommendations practical, and our data collection and analysis procedures fast and reliable.
With Si3 Vulnerability Assessment you get:

  • A comprehensive security status of network
  • Receive quality security test reports which provide high clarity to top management and prioritize actions for the security team
  • Receive quick service for completing assessments for small as well as large and distributed networks

Penetration testing

Much of the confusion surrounding penetration testing stems from the fact it is a relatively recent and rapidly evolving field. Additionally, many organizations will have their own internal terminology -one man’s penetration test is another’s vulnerability audit or technical risk assessment.
At its simplest, a penetration-test is the process of actively evaluating customer’s information security measures. Note the emphasis on ‘active’ assessment; the information systems will be tested to find any security issues, as opposed to a solely theoretical or paper-based audit.
Penetration test actively evaluates information security measures. Most common procedure is analyses of security measures for design weaknesses, technical flaws and vulnerabilities; the results are then delivered comprehensively in a report to Executives, Management and Technical audiences.





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